Carl Dixon is a versatile percussionist, drummer and teacher in Boulder, Colorado.

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Learn how to play Brazilian percussion!  Free online lessons for beginners and experienced percussionists.

Online percussion courses

Complete courses on specific instruments and topics, explaining and demonstrating technique, rhythms, and musical ideas.

Latest news

Salgueiro Tamborim Desenho 2019

Here is a transcription of the the tamborim desenho for Salgueiro's 2019 samba enredo. Used in the video: Ivsom Steel tamborimJapa tamborim baqueta Available from Salgueiro Tamborim Desenho…

California Brazil Camp 2018 performances

I had a wonderful and inspiring time at the 2018 California Brazil Camp.  Playing music with friends and teachers, accompanying some great dances classes, and teaching the Beginning Bateria ensemble…

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