For many years, I have sourced and imported quality drums from Brazil for my students, colleagues, CU-Boulder, and the Boulder Samba School. I created Virada Drums to continue supplying quality authentic instruments to Brazilian enthusiast, professional musicians, and schools and groups. Along with providing instruments, I will continue to offer guidance and advice to those considering a purchase.

Beginning the first time I traveled to Brazil and brought back my first handmade panderio and authentic caixa for my friends, I have hand picked the best quality instruments available in Brazil to develop my own playing, improve the sound of my ensembles, and allow the traditional sounds and  techniques that have developed to play certain instruments with specific qualities of materials, construction, shapes, and timbres. I’m committed to supplying quality instruments that I would use myself and recommend to others.

Current Status

I have many instruments and accessories currently in stock that will soon be available for purchase through For now, please contact me directly!

A large shipment of drums from Brazil will be available in mid-August, including:

  • Bateria drums (surdo, caixa, repique, tamborim, etc.) and pagode drums (tan tan, pandeiro, reco-reco, etc) from Ivsom Instrumentos Musicais, Artcelsior, Gope, RG Intrumentos. Edgar do Rei dos Agogos, and Marcos China Rio
  • Pandeiros from O Profissional, Pizzott, Bira, Wagner Oliveira
  • cases, skins, sticks, straps, and other accessories

A list of items these items will be available soon. If you are interested in any particular items, please get in touch and I may be able to set it aside for you. If other people in your areas are interested too, I can combine orders and ship together to save on costs.

Here are the drums I currently have available:

Please contact me if you have questions or are looking for something in particular. I’ll be ordering more drums soon.

Complete item list

O Profissional 10″ choro pandeiro, wood frame, skin head, steel jingles – $170


O Profissional 10″ ($165) pagode pandeiros, red, double lugs

Wagner Oliveira goat skin pandeiro $240

Very light shell, flat rim, and hardware.  Sensitive and washy hammered brass jingles (5 sets).  Medium thick head with great tone.  Great for traditional choro.



Ivsom tamborim – $60

Artcelsior 6″ six-lug tamborim – $50

Macapart waist straps, two hooks – $35 blue/white


Belt buckle straps for caixa, repique, surdo – $10


Large (14.5″ for surdo 1+2) and small (13.5″ for 3rd surdo or pagode) surdo mallets, Wooden handles, blue-$15

Tamborim baquetas 3 rod ($20) and 4 rod ($22)

Marcos China caxixi Medium ($45) and Large ($60)


Ivsom 18″ surdo, 1 skin/1 plastic heads – $290

additional skin and plastic  available



Ivsom 14″ caixa: regular aluminum body, snares on top- $160

Ivsom 12″ caixa: regular aluminum body, snares on top and bottom- $180

Ivsom 12″ skeleton caixa – $160


Ivsom 12″ skeleton caixa, snares on top and bottom- $190


Artcelsior 12″ caixa – $130

Artcelsior 12″ repique, six lugs – $120

Ivsom cases for 12″ repique ($46), 12″ caixa ($44), and tamborim ($23)

Artcelsior wooden chocalho, stainless steel – $70


Artcelsior 11″ repique de mão – $100

Artcelsior 12″ six lug skin head rebolo (tan tan) – $160 SOLD


Artcelsior three-spring reco-reco – $70


Pizzott nylon skin pandeiro SOLD

Great drum for all samba. 6 sets of brass jingles. Round rim for focused tone and projection.

wood frame with inlay, skin head, brass jingles SOLD


O Profissional 10″ choro pandeiro

wood frame, skin head, brass jingles with adjustable screw (opens and closes the jingles)


O Profissional 6″ wooden tamborim with skin head, six lugs

O Profissional 11″ pagode pandeiro

Macapart V straps for caixa, repique, surdo, one hook – colors available: white, blue/white, green/white, green

Ivsom frigideira with plastic/brass stick – SOLD


Ivsom 12″ caixa #1: regular aluminum body, snares on top

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