Brazilian Drums For Sale

For several years, I have sourced and imported quality drums from Brazil for my students, colleagues, CU-Boulder, and the Boulder Samba School.  I am now in the process of ordering another big batch of samba drums from Rio and officially opening a business distributing quality drums to sambistas in North America!
Both bateria drums (surdo, caixa, repique, tamborim, etc.) and pagode drums (tan tan, pandeiro, reco-reco, etc) will be available.  I’ll only get drums that I know are good quality, and can recommend different options (sizes, materials, etc.).
Here are some of the manufacturers and instruments available:
RG Instrumentos
Also pandeiros from:
O Profissional
Wagner Oliveira
Below are the drums I currently have available. Please contact meif you have questions or are looking for something in particular. I’ll be ordering more drums soon.

Complete item list

Large (for surdo 1+2) and small surdo (for 3rd) mallets, Wooden handles, blue-$15

Tamborim baquetas 3 rod ($20) and 4 rod ($22) SOLD

O Profissional 10″ choro pandeiro – $200

wood frame, skin head, brass jingles

IMG_6232 IMG_6231 IMG_6230

O Profissional 10″ choro pandeiro, wood frame, skin head, steel jingles – $170

O Profissional 10″ ($160-165) pagode pandeiros, red, single lugs or double lugs

Wagner Oliveira goat skin pandeiro $240

Very light shell, flat rim, and hardware.  Sensitive and washy hammered brass jingles (5 sets).  Medium thick head with great tone.  Great for traditional choro.



Ivsom tamborim – $60

Artcelsior 6″ six-lug tamborim – $50

IMG_6245 IMG_6244 IMG_6243


Macapart waist straps, two hooks – $35 blue/white

Belt buckle straps for caixa, repique, surdo – $10

IMG_6241 IMG_6240

Marcos China caxixi Medium ($45) and Large ($60)

Ivsom 18″ surdo, 1 skin/1 plastic heads – $290

additional skin and plastic  available



Ivsom 14″ caixa: regular aluminum body, snares on top- $160

Ivsom 12″ caixa: regular aluminum body, snares on top and bottom- $180

Ivsom 12″ skeleton caixa – $160


Ivsom 12″ skeleton caixa, snares on top and bottom- $190


Artcelsior 12″ caixa – $130

Artcelsior 12″ repique, six lugs – $120

Ivsom cases for 12″ repique ($46), 12″ caixa ($44), and tamborim ($23)


Artcelsior wooden chocalho, stainless steel – $70


Artcelsior 11″ repique de mao – $100

Artcelsior 12″ six lug skin head rebolo (tan tan) – $160

Artcelsior three-spring reco-reco – $70

IMG_6247 IMG_6246



Pizzott nylon skin pandeiro $275 SOLD

Great drum for all samba. 6 sets of brass jingles, Round rim for focused tone and projection.


O Profissional 10″ choro pandeiro –  $200

wood frame, skin head, brass jingles with adjustable screw (opens and closes the jingles)
IMG_6236 IMG_6235 IMG_6234 IMG_6233


O Profissional 6″ wooden tamborim with skin head, six lugs – $60

O Profissional 11″ ($170) pagode pandeiro


Macapart V straps for caixa, repique, surdo, one hook – $35

colors available: white, blue/white, green/white, green

Ivsom frigideira with plastic/brass stick – $75 SOLD


Ivsom 12″ caixa #1: regular aluminum body, snares on top- $150