I will soon be releasing my online video percussion school. I will offer specially designed complete courses on specific instruments and topics. Each course will include a sequenced series of video lessons explaining and demonstrating technique, rhythms, and musical ideas. The video and audio will be recorded in high definition, allowing the viewer to see and hear the details you would experience in person.

Additional valuable resources will accompany the videos. Each course will include multiple play-along audio tracks (with and without the part being studied) and musical notation documents. These will all be available online and for download for practice convenience.

When you purchase a course, you’ll have instant access to a specially designed course webpage including all the videos, audio play along tracks, notation documents, and tips on learning and practicing. This page and all the content will be available online and all the content will be downloadable, allowing you to learn and practice at home and on the go from any computer or mobile device. You’ll be able to learn at your own pace. Work on one lesson per day, week, or month, depending on your schedule and progress.

Course topics (in progress):

  • Samba Rhythms for Pandeiro – Preview now available
  • Samba Rhythms for Tan Tan
  • Basic Technique for Tamborim (samba enredo style)
  • Basic Technique for Caixa em Cima
  • Samba Rhythms for Congas
  • Rhythms and variations for Repique

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With the vast amount of material and videos available online, the value of my course content will stand out for these reasons:

  • High quality video and audio
  • Integrated play along tracks for practice
  • Techniques and rhythms introduced in a designed order to make learning easier
  • Constant focus on fundamentals and technique
  • Personal feedback

Here’s the best part: As a bonus, each course will include a free online 30 minute lesson with me via Skype or FaceTime. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and receive feedback, advice, and suggestions for future practice and development. This important element of learning will ensure that you correctly understand the topics and techniques and build good, healthy habits.

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